About Me

  • Systematic thinker. 

  • User-centered designer.

  • Unconditional fan of Richard Saul Wurman

  • Over 15 years of experience.

  • Love to help companies find their real problems
    and rethink their challenges - online and offline.



Information Architect

- Advertising Agencies

UX Designer

- Online Content (news)
- Digital Marketplaces

Service Designer 

- Fintech
- Social projects


UX Researcher and Strategic Designer 

- Healthcare

Specialities & Experience

- Developing new products and services (through design methods);

- Information architecture, prototyping, and usability test;
- Qualitative user-based research methods and techniques;

- Applying innovation-oriented processes and service design thinking;

- Product owner in scrum team;
- Workshop facilitator;

- Design Sprint facilitator in more than 20 sprints;
- An entrepreneur with 3 experiences:

  1.Cromossomos Design Studio 2.Mantina 3.APP: Será que Vale.


Long story short...

I'm a designer who loves problem framing strategies.


I believe we are all able to solve problems, but unfortunately, most people spend too much time resolving problems that will not bring the best possible results. I have been applying design methodologies to help companies to find the real problem and rethink their challenges focus on their most pressing issues, always from a user-centered perspective. 


I have degrees in Graphic Arts and Digital Design. Over the last 16 years, I've worked at advertising agencies, online content and digital services companies, and the finance industry. 


Since 2011, I have been working more extensively with innovation methodologies, such as Design Thinking, Lean UX, Business Model Canvas, and Value Proposition Canvas. I currently work as a freelancer for projects that involve service design, user experience, and innovation.

<<  None designer is an island. I love and need teamwork <3




UCLA Extension


Harvard Business School



Adaptive Path

Anhembi M.University


UX Certificate   

Systems Thinking

Disruptive Strategy (Clay Christensen)  

Storytelling for Influence 

Organizational Design     

UX Intensive (Denver)     

Bachelor’s Digital Design,    

Professional Degree in Graphic Arts 

2018 - 2019

Aug, 2018

Mar, 2017

Jan, 2017 

 Nov, 2017 

Oct, 2015 

2000 - 2004
1998 - 2002

PS: These are the most formal courses, but I love to take classes and reading books.
There is so much to learn through non-formal education.

Work Experience


Lead User Experience Designer, UX Specialist and Service Designer 

Aug, 2011 to Jul, 2016  / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Itau (bank)  


Information Architect, Product Owner (scrum), Lead User Experience Designer

Apr, 2006 to Jul, 2011   / Sao Paulo, Brazil
UOL (Universo Online) 


Information Architect 

2004- 2006   / Sao Paulo, Brazil

One Digital                          Advertising agency focused on digital consumers.


Information Architect 

2003- 2004  / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Agencia Click                     Advertising agency focused on digital consumers.

This is the largest bank in Brazil.      |      Net income: US$ 7.5 billion (2017)

Number of employees: 96,435         |      Clients: 60 million  

To learn more about Itau 

UOL is the most relevant Brazilian online content. 

Audience: covers more than 80% of the Brazilian Internet audience 

Unique visitors: more than 60 million unique visitors every month.

To learn more about UOL 



- Mola Collective
co-founder: this was a group of designers who shared design processes and tools for early entrepreneurs in Brazil.


- Los Angeles User Experience Meetup


- Service Design Jam in LA


- Service Design Network chapter Brazil


- UXDesign.cc (writer)

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 My Framework 

I’m a huge fan of methodologies. However, I believe they are just the first step. It is good when you learn something in a way you can adapt to your reality. I was inspired by so many wonderful ways of applying Design Thinking, like the Double Diamond by the British Design Council, the five hexagons designed at Stanford d.School, the four-phase process described by IDEO and millions of frameworks.


In the end, I found my own way to navigate a Design Thinking project. Here it is. First, I divide the project into two big moments: Finding the Problem and Creating a Solution. Then, I break down my way of work into 10 'How to'  questions. Each question has a few methods, tools or approaches that I usually apply. This not a recipe, but a guideline for me.
I see every project as a unique experience and because of that, it requires adaptation.


To understand this concept better and to find out the methodologies connected with the questions, you can read my article on Medium

Finding the Problem

full article

Creating a Solution

1 - How to listen to clients?

2 - How to convert clients'
      problems into a challenge?

3 - How to understand the challenge?

4 - How to organize the learning points?


5.    How to transform a learning point into ideas?

6.    How to select the best ideas?

7.    How to prototype?

8.    How to choose the best prototypes?

9.    How to implement the project?

10.  How to know if we are on the right path?

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