App “Is it worth it?”


How we can help people understand the relation between money and time?


Idealizer and
UX designer


3 months


Independent project

Notable skills: idealizer, entrepreneur, and UX.


“Is it worth it?” is a free app - IOS/Android -  to help people to understand the value of lifetime.


People usually compare the prices of products to know whether something is affordable, but they don’t think how prices relate with their own time.


Most of us spend a lifetime working. It means that we trade hours of our lives for money. When we buy something we give money and receive a product or service. But actually, we trade lifetime for products/services. This app helps people understand how valuable is their lifetime and rethink if they need to buy something.


Created in 2015 as a partnership with the developer Roberto Robson and the designer Leonardo Lins, the project is still on, but only available in Portuguese