How relieve women's pain during the period of menstrual cramps?


founder and designer


2013 - 2014


Independent Project

Donated to a Brazilian NGO

Notable skills: entrepreneur, product design, and social innovation.


"Mantina" is a special blanket to warm the waist area of women during the period of menstrual cramps. It comforts us and relieves the pain.


In early 2013, after designing, sewing, and testing some prototypes, I started a partnership with Agnes Rasta, my classmate in a bag-design class, who already had a small atelier. After producing and commercializing a few items on an online store, we discontinued the project in June, 2014, to focus on other activities.


We donated the brand and the project to the NGO Projeto Arrastão, which assists several groups of seamstresses. The design was very well accepted because it is a simple sewing with fabrics of low cost and a high possibility of the sale.


Currently, my partner Agnes Rasta teaches for Projeto Arrastão and soon the first "Mantinas" production will begin with 100% of the profit reverted to low-income communities.