Mola Collective


How to give back to our community?




2015 - 2017



Notable skills: designer-thinker, workshop facilitator and social innovation


- Facilitating a workshop at the biggest healthcare fair in Brazil to educate professionals on how design methodologies can improve their work in hospitals;

- A design thinking workshop for kids at The Developers Conference;

- Speaking at Path Festival - the most important event about innovation in Brazil - about how our work at Collective is helping small business;

- Workshop for 60 people about how to become a facilitator for a Google Design Sprint workshop.

Long story short:

Mola Collective is a group of designers founded in 2015 by me, Luciana Terceiro and Nataly Garcia with a mission to learn about design processes and tools and share them with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to rethink their businesses. We believe design methodologies can enhance any kind of business, so we created a series of design-methodology workshops for non-designers. Through these free or affordable workshops, we want to make our expertise available to as many people as possible.

Main activities:

- Designing and teaching intro-level workshops on design thinking, user/consumer journey, value proposition canvas, and design sprint;

- Speeches and workshops on entrepreneurship, use of user-centered design methodologies, and designer-community bridging programs.