Motherhood Pride


Why is the work of raising another human being not
seen as valuable as spending a whole day making a spreadsheet?


UX Researcher


6 months


Independent project

Notable skills: idealizer, researcher, and storyteller.

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I've created a website with all learning points and donate the strategy to a Brazilian company. They used this content to do talks and workshops inside companies in Brazil.
I still help them as an adviser.


In a casual chat with a friend about the challenges, we were facing in with your new role as moms we came up with the question:
               Why is the work of raising another human being not seen as valuable
                           as spending a whole day making a spreadsheet?

That question got stuck in my head for weeks. This was my the trigger point to start this research. It might look strange for you, but creating a project is my way as a designer to process challenging times in my life.


During the first 3 months, I tried to understand this issue from a more broad perspective.

  • Secondary Research

    • Reading books and articles written by specialists on motherhood.

    • Find similar projects related to working moms.

  • Ecosystem map

Like all projects, my audience, moms, do not live in a bubble. That's why is so

important to understand all groups who also interact with them.

By doing this exercise I could see how relevant for this process was the recruiter,    
partner, relatives, and co-workers. We could do a project targeting each group. I decided
to focus on the mom's self-esteem.

  • Define my audience

Based on my research I got a clear view about moms who have a job versus those who had a career. I define as an audience for this project as 'moms who have a career'

  • Hypothesis user journey  

I draw a simplified user journey of those working moms I was reaching

  •  Deep one-on-one Interviews (Extremes and Mainstreams)

My goal was to talk to all sorts of women who had a career. I tried to see the spectrum as broad as possible to get not only the mainstreams but also the extremes. I had at least one representant for each group:

-Who doesn't want to have kids because of the career

-Who was pregnant and working

-Who was in maternity leave

-Who hadn't stopped working and have young kids

-Who was living a pause in their careers to take care of the kids

-Who had done a pause for at least 3 years and now are already back to the market

-Who had never taken a pause and their kids are already adults
-plus 2 recruiters about the hiring process on how motherhood affects the women career.

  • Reframe the design challenge

How can help other women to see motherhood as something good for their careers?


With all this data I did some download
exercises trying to find clusters,
identifying patterns.

On top of all the learning points, I had at
the research I could see most of the
moms were not aware of the skills they
learned by being a mom neither
proud of those skills.

Now that I have the learning points my goal
was to share them with as many people as
possible to see how people will react.

To make this more digestible I create a video
and a website.

When I finished the research I knew this could be the
first step for something bigger. Therefore I needed an
experienced partner. Someone who had already
been working with the mom's universe. 

Luciana Cattony is a Brazilian mom who has been
running a project to help moms see motherhood in a
realistic way
. She fell in love with Motherhood Pride's
website. We translated to Portugues and since 2017
she redesigns her project to focus on working moms
by doing talks and workshops in big companies helping
not only moms but the whole ecosystem to be aware
and be proud of a journey to raise a child.

I've been collaborating with her to create and improve her business by doing:

  • Value Proposition Canvas

  • Creating a Pitch

  • Defining Sucess







Understanding and Framing the design challenge




Sharing the research findings

Transforming it into a business