My Work

Motherhood Pride

independent project                               2016 - 2017

Why is the work of raising another human being not seen as valuable as spending a whole day making a spreadsheet?


To answer this I decided to do a personal project. Motherhood Pride was created to help other moms to:
- be aware of all the Soft Skills they have learned since they became moms;
- be proud of this moment and understand that the soft skills they learned can be useful in their career.
This project was also launched in Brazil (Portuguese)

to learn more, read the article at medium >

Notable skills: idealizer, researcher, and storyteller.


Mola Collective

Mola Collective is a group of designers founded in 2015 by me, Luciana Terceiro and Nataly Garcia with a mission to learn about design processes and tools and share them with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to rethink their businesses. We believe design methodologies can enhance any kind of business, so we created a series of design-methodology workshops for non-designers. Through these free or affordable workshops, we want to make our expertise available to as many people as possible.

Mola Collective is growing and right now we are a group of 7 designers. I am still working with them. My current duties include researching methodologies and structuring workshops.


Main activities:

- Designing and teaching intro-level workshops on design thinking, user/consumer journey, value proposition canvas, and design sprint;

- Speeches and workshops on entrepreneurship, use of user-centered design methodologies, and designer-community bridging programs.


Remarkable projects:

- facilitating a workshop at the biggest healthcare fair in Brazil to educate professionals on how design methodologies can improve their work in hospitals;

- a design thinking workshop for kids at The Developers Conference;

- Speaking at Path Festival - the most important event about innovation in Brazil - about how our work at Collective is helping small business;

- workshop for 60 people about how to become a facilitator for a Google Design Sprint workshop.


notable skills: designer-thinker, workshop facilitator and social innovation

co-founder                                                2015 - 2017

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Financial investment journey

Service Designer at Itau          2016

This was an immersive project done in 3 weeks. We mapped client’s financial investment user-journey in digital channels as is and structured new paths of possibilities to increase the amount of money invested in the bank.


As the project leader, I was responsible for establishing timeframes, aligning the process with other areas in the bank, structuring 3 workshops - including 1 with creative people from other industries - and prototyping concepts.

notable skills: developing and facilitating workshops, storyteller and strategic vision.


App “Is it worth it?”

independent project                                                        2015 

“Is it worth it?” is a free app - IOS/Android -  to help people to understand the value of lifetime.


People usually compare the prices of products to know whether something is affordable, but they don’t think how prices relate with their own time.


Most of us spend a lifetime working. It means that we trade hours of our lives for money. When we buy something we give money and receive a product or service. But actually, we trade lifetime for products/services. This app helps people understand how valuable is their lifetime and rethink if they need to buy something.


Created in 2015 as a partnership with the developer Roberto Robson and the designer Leonardo Lins, the project is still on, but only available in Portuguese

notable skills: idealizer, entrepreneur, and UX.

DesignSprint Evangelist

experience designer at Itaú                                2014 - 2016

Implementation and evangelization of Google's Sprint Design methodology at Itaú - the largest Brazilian private bank.

In 2014, I organized and facilitated the first sprint design in the bank. After defending the methodology in front of the directive body, I received the mission to evangelize the methodology at the institution.


Between October 2014 and August 2016, I personally facilitated 16 sprints, taught 22 lectures on how to set up a sprint design in and out of the bank, and supervised many sprints.

In addition, Itaú won the best proceeding award in Bank Report 2016 for applying Design Sprint as a methodology to reduce time to implement ideas. This award is a collective achievement resulting from the work and effort of many areas.
I am very happy to be part of this.


A Checklist for Facilitators in Big Companies


Notable skills: workshop facilitator, speaker, and evangelist.


video by Leonardo Lins


CUBO Coworking

experience designer at Itaú                                2014 - 2016

CUBO is a coworking space for Itaú - the largest Brazilian private bank. It allocates 30 Startups and hosts more than 40 events every month. It fosters the Brazilian entrepreneurial ecosystem.


While I was working for the Innovation teams at the bank, I participated in two different stages of this project. The first one was in 2014, co-constructing the project and presenting it for the bank's board of directors along with senior managers Erica Janine and Pedro Prates. The challenge of the project was to create a solution that would help the bank approach Startups and promote an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brazil.


In 2016, I was invited to revisit the project and, together with the team that is currently working at CUBO, I organized and led the design sprint initiative to bring new ideas to this successful platform.

Notable skills: design sprint and research.



independent project                                                        2014

"Mantina" is a special blanket to warm the waist area of women during the period of menstrual cramps. It comforts us and relieves the pain.


In early 2013, after designing, sewing, and testing some prototypes, I started a partnership with Agnes Rasta, my classmate in a bag-design class, who already had a small atelier. After producing and commercializing a few items on an online store, we discontinued the project in June, 2014, to focus on other activities.


We donated the brand and the project to the NGO Projeto Arrastão, which assists several groups of seamstresses. The design was very well accepted because it is a simple sewing with fabrics of low cost and a high possibility of the sale.


Currently, my partner Agnes Rasta teaches for Projeto Arrastão and soon the first "Mantinas" production will begin with 100% of the profit reverted to low-income communities.


notable skills: entrepreneurism, product design and social innovation

illustration by Deborah  /   photo by Leonardo Lins   /  model: Stephanie 


family member    since 2014

I became a mom in January of 2014 with the birth of Lara. Being a mom has always been in my plans. I knew that motherhood would be a moment of profound learning.


In partnership with my husband, we are having a great experience raising a human being. Surrounded by moments of deep reflection on my own life and how I can be a better human being for the world - and what world I'm building for her.


Motherhood is more than just a crash course on how to be a better human being, it is  one of the best ways to exercise fresh, innovative ways to see the world through Lara's eyes.

Notable skills: multitasker, planner, empathy, and patience.



experience designer at Itaú     2013

This was a deep investigation done by the consulting BOX1824, to bring new mobility-related business opportunities to Itaú Bank in 2013. I worked collaboratively with the Innovation team in the bank.

I had the opportunity to lead this project inside the bank, connecting BOX insights with the bank's objectives. We then shared all we learned with peers within the institution.

notable skills: internal communication,strategic vision and ethnographic research