SPY - Safe Place for Youth


How might we get more supporters in the community in order for this non-profit to help even more homeless youth in LA?


Service Designer


1 month


Notable skills:  developing workshops, researcher and strategic vision


- Bring insights for a digital agency to create a campaign to increase the number
of supporters in the neighborhood.


- An alignment from 3 different groups of stakeholders - advertisement agency, social impact consulting agency and the NGO - about the current spectrum of community members (supporter, neutral and concerned). 

- A final report with insights on how to get more supporters in the neighborhood for SPY and an open report to any kind of non-profit who have the same issue. 

Overcoming project issues

-  Getting in touch with the concerned members of the community and start a neutral conversation was a key moment in the project. Was open-eyer to balance your feelings and understand that all extremes are wrong. Everyone is right on some points and wrong on others. There is not a unique truth. 
- At the beginning of the project, the leaders were seeing the concerned members of the community as the only focus on the project. Change the leaders' mindset to stop seeing "us and them" and start seeing the community as a whole.


Dig in 

Goal: Conduct deep research and interviews with key stakeholders.

- Desk research

- Deep interviews:

- 2 volunteers 

- 2 community members (against the development housing project)

- 3 youth (who have experienced the homeless situation)

- 2 staff members 

- 1 founder 



Goal: Develop a customized curriculum and facilitate the hands-on
immersive workshop.

16 people 

3 hour-workshop 

Artifacts created for this workshop:
- Inspiration deck showing some research insights
and analogy references to give the audience a more
broad perspective about behavior change.
- Active listening exercise  

- Behavior Archetype (Supporter, Neutral, and Concerned)

- Empathy Map  





Consolidation and sharing 

Goal: Collect all the learning points in one deliverable and facilitate debrief mini-workshop.

- Cluster the quotes and finding from the workshop, research, and interviews.

- Translate those finding into insights to guide the advertisement agency to create a campaign.

- A final report in a slide and print format for a consolidation meeting with the stakeholders. 


This project was conducted by the design
studio The Why Lab

       Download the deck:

  • Getting Support
    Key learning points and insights that might
    be helpful for all sorts of NGO 



Team: Marina (Service Designer and project leader), 
and I (Service Designer)

getting supporters.jpg